Showcasing the power of accurate indoor location

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adwhere is a location-based advertising platform that delivers intelligent context aware adverts, coupons and vouchers to consumers.  Precise location data can be combined with data-mining capabilities to deliver highly relevant promotional messages seamlessly to a shopper or traveller as they move through a venue.  Content can be based on shopping habits or past purchases, online searches, or calendar events – and might include product information, promotional offers and contextualised coupons – all designed to invite the consumer to visit a particular store, service or destination nearby. Retailers can use the position and activity data gathered to evaluate dwell times and footfall, and analyse customer profiles – enabling them to plan product positioning and marketing, and release time-sensitive offers.

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geowhere logo RGB geowhere is a geo-fencing solution that uses sensewhere’s indoor positioning SDK to provide tracking and proximity alerts outdoors and indoors.  Users can locate and track authorized friends and loved ones using a mapping interface that has rich indoor maps of major venues.  A geographic boundary, called a geofence, can be set to trigger notifications of when a selected friend enters or exits that boundary. Geowhere