Location-based advertising platform


adwhere is a location-based advertising platform that uses sensewhere’s Indoor Positioning System (IPS) for mobile marketing services and indoor analytics. Cloud-hosted web dashboard tools are used for creating and managing geofences, visualizing reports, and displaying analytics including footfall and heatmaps.

Location-based Marketing

The adwhere dashboard is used to create and manage geofences for mobile ad targeting and visit confirmation services. Geofences for individual stores, restaurants, or departments can be automatically created using indoor maps. Precise location data can be combined with point-of-interest (POI) data to determine a user’s context and intent. Including indoor shops and restaurants in persona development and targeting improves the accuracy of user persona groups and increases the audience size. Venue owners, retailers, and advertisers can use the position and activity data gathered to evaluate dwell times and footfall, and analyze customer profiles, enabling them to plan product positioning and marketing, and publish location-sensitive offers.

Visit Confirmation

The key to measuring the success of any ad campaign is to determine the actions taken. Beyond clicks and calls, adwhere geofences are used to detect when a mobile device enters and dwells in a retail location, indicating that they responded to an ad and made a visit. Such visit confirmation data helps marketers to gauge response and execute more effective ad campaigns.

The system has tunable logic that compares determined mobile position with each geofence to detect visits. The tuning parameters allow adjustment for uncertainty and desired dwell time of a visit. The number of visits detected in each geofence are counted by device ID. Detected visit counts are available in the mobile application, via sensewhere web dashboard, and via the server API calls.

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  • Expand mobile marketing audience with indoor context and ad targeting

  • Increase ad ROI through visit confirmation and mobile attribution inside venues

  • Indoor space planning and optimization through footfall and traffic analytics


User context determination

Coupled with a point-of-interest dataset, indoor positioning can be used to determine what store, restaurant, or service is being visited, and determine context and intent.

Persona development

The history of places visited aids in developing groups of users into personas for mobile marketing. Using specific stores within a mall results in more precise persona definition and more accurate grouping.

Location-based offer and ad targeting

Automatically or manually create geofences for individual shops, restaurants, departments, or other areas to trigger offers based on location and target persona.

Visit confirmations for mobile attribution

Confirm visits to geofenced areas and attribute visits to mobile ads delivered to a device.


The adwhere platform is composed of a mobile SDK, cloud server with API for programmatic access, and Web dashboard tools.

Coverage: indoor venues worldwide with adequate crowdsourcing

Software solution: requires no hardware changes in handset, network, or venue

Reported store visits correct >95% of the time.