adwhere™ is a precise location based advertising platform that delivers intelligent context aware adverts, coupons and vouchers to potential customers indoors and within areas of poor GPS coverage.

adwhere builds on sensewhere’s patented pinpoint location technology to distribute hyper-local ads/coupons/retail information to customers within individual stores and shopping malls.

adwhere is a complete advertising platform that comprises of: 

  • Business analytics
  • Precise indoor positioning technology
  • Custom indoor maps
  • Ad delivery mechanism for third party applications
  • Easy integration for Ad agency advert database
  • Intelligent context aware ad delivery

Customers and partners

sensewhere offers tailored solutions for customers and partners that includes the following:

  • Advertising agencies
  • Content providers
  • Mobile Network Operators
  • Stores, malls, chain stores/venues etc
  • Enterprise 


  • Integration with:
    • Google and Facebook places
    • Google and Facebook Ads
    • Any map (Google, Bing etc)
  • Configurable delivery distance: 5-100 meters
  • Offline and online delivery
  • Use sensewhere or any other third party ads
  • Integration with third party applications
  • Most smart phones and feature phones
  • Ability to create predefined and customer defined
  • Geofencing deep inside buildings, which is also level aware
  • Capable of data mining (for example, social media) to deliver intelligent context aware hyper-local ads/coupons/discount vouchers


For more details download the adwhere datasheet.