Location at the tip of your finger


sensewhere emerged from pioneering technology developed by a team of researchers at the University of Edinburgh with support from the Scottish Government.

The team was joined by commercial experts from leading technology companies in order to found sensewhere in 2009.

sensewhere’s indoor location technology is underpinned by an extensive patent portfolio.  The software enables indoor positioning, with no additional infrastructure, in areas where GPS satellite signals are weak or blocked such as indoors or in dense urban areas.



We want people to have the power of location at the tip of their finger.how-it-works

We see technology develop very quickly and we live in a world where we rely on mobile devices for finding, connecting, communicating, organizing, and playing.

Consumers spend a high percentage of time indoors and having access to the power of the online world at schools, shops, and airports makes life more convenient, efficient, and fun.  With retail evolving into the online world, traditional physical retail is threatened.  However, an opportunity exists to harness the power of online retail to improve engagement, loyalty, and ultimately total revenue.

Intelligent analysis of behaviour, location, inventory, and trends enables retailers to connect with consumers in a much more impactful manner.

sensewhere is a pioneer in the indoor location industry with its own unique approach to position triangulation using a mobile device.

Our biggest goal is to connect the world in a way that is relevant, advantageous, clever and seamless to the consumer. This is enabled with location at the tip of a finger.

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